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Fred Has a Real Track Record!

Kathy and FredFred Shafer along with his wife Kathy have not just been building homes for the past 30 years. Fred is also a bit of a celebrity with a very exciting past. When we say Fred has a "real track record", we mean it. In the 1980's Fred was the owner and driver of the Bear Foot monster truck. Fred and the truck appeared on the hit television series Knight Rider as well as the ZZ Top music video "Sleeping Bag", as well as many other television appearances.

During this time Fred was also a spokesperson for The Race Against Drugs Program sponsored by The F.B.I. Fred & Kathy visited schools across the nation while racing his monster truck, teaching children about the rewards of not using drugs.

And as for that track record, Fred Shafer to this day still holds the Guiness World Record Long Jump in his monster truck of 141'-1". Fred also raced pro stock cars in the late 1970s. Fred retired from monster truck racing in 1997.

Fred and Kathy have built homes, trucks and RVs in Illinois and Florida for over 30 years. Now Florida state certified, Fred can build you a new home in Florida. If you would like to discuss the design of your next home with Fred and hear one of his exciting monster truck stories, give Fred a call today.

Bear Foot Truck

The 3-Time World Champion Bear Foot

What's ten feet tall, weighs 10,000 pounds, harnesses 1500 horsepower and sits on tires that tower five and one-half feet tall? The answer is Bear Foot, the Dodge Ram Monster Truck that has captured three world championships. Feel the ground shake and hear the power as the Magnum-Powered Monster crushes cars and the competition right before your eyes. Mounted midway under its Dodge Ram truck body is a supercharged and fuel-injected 572 cubic inch Dodge Magnum engine, modified to run on alcohol and generating 1500 fire-breathing horsepower. The Dodge Bear Foot has won the U.S. Hot Rod Association Monster Truck world championship in '90, '92 & '93.

Bear Foot Races Against Drugs

Fred Shafer, owner of 3-time World Champion Bear Foot, was an official spokesperson for the national program "Race Against Drugs." Shafer was chosen as a "positive role model to promote a drug-free lifestyle." Shafer participated in "Race Against Drugs" school programs "focusing on health, values, self-esteem and achievement." These activities are designed to focus on children from kindergarten through high school. Shafer has promoted the campaign on TV and through personal appearances at racing events.

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